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Criminal Defense Attorney in Modesto, California

Man being handcuffedRoth Legal can provide local representation in Modesto, CA, for criminal law cases. Our firm handles both federal and state cases, so consult with our lawyer when you need to address a criminal charge. We know that dealing with a criminal case can be scary, so our lawyer works hard to see clients through every step of the legal process involved.

At Roth Legal, our main goal is to protect our clients' rights. In an effort to have your charges or sentence reduced, we'll use investigators, photography experts, and other specialists whenever needed. Our firm can take on criminal cases that involve:

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You won't have to navigate the legal system on your own when you have the support of Roth Legal. We cover not only the local area but also the entire state of California. Our office has flexible appointment availability all week, and we also offer at-home consultations. For help determining your defense options for your Modesto, CA, criminal law case, give us a call today.