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Fraud Attorney in Modesto, California

Don’t let the unscrupulous activities of others cost you money, and don't fight your fraud-related battles alone. Roth Legal is at your service to provide the representation you need. Whether you’ve been charged with or have been a victim of fraudulent business practices, Roth Legal is here to help. Roth Legal works with those affected by fraudulent activity to recover their losses and regain their financial stability. Additionally, Roth Legal works to provide those charged with fraud with the representation they need to fight back.

Charged With Fraud?

The Right Lawyer Makes a Difference

Roth Legal's knowledge of fraud law may protect consumers and businesses just like you from financial liability resulting from:

  • Unscrupulous business practices

  • Employee theft

  • Fraudulent claims

  • Billing schemes

When it comes to fraud law, Roth Legal has got you covered. Call now for more information or to schedule an appointment.